The continuous life line and the equipment

The continuous life line

vignette2Facilities done in Marqueyssac make it  the first Via Ferrata of continuous life line in the world.

With the help of a slide on the cable, each follower is connected to the line during the whole route. This system doesn’t need any security handling to the follower who can’t undo the life line before the end of the route and his return on foot towards the start in a totally secured area.



For your safety and your comfort, we provide you all the equipment to practice the activity : harness, lanyard with absorber, helmet.
For security reasons, personal equipment of participants is not accepted.
We provide you with equipment in accordance with the rules relating to the individual safety equipment (EPI).
Checks are regular in order to assure an optimal safety and quality.
Instructions for use of individual safety equipment and their conformity certificates are available on request.

casqueThe helmet

It protects the head in case of falling stones or shocks against the rock. It is essential.
Its size is adapted to your morphology by our operators who adjust it so that it won’t move.


baudrierThe harness

It’s the essential element to evolve on the cliff. It’ s on the harness that the lanyard will be attached.
Three types of harness according to the participants’ morphology. : the choice of the harness is made by the operator who equips you.


longeThe lanyard

It connects the harness to the life-line. Marqueyssac Via Ferrata’s special lanyard is fitted out with a sole connector adapted to the continuous life-line. It is fitted with an energy absorber which may tear in case of a fall.