Recommendations and advice

The activity’s principle working is an acrobatic course. The staff’s role is to ensure all health and safety measures and security systems and equipment are in operation. Therefore the activity is to discover by yourself.

The course access

• The access is subjected to the entrance fee in the gardens of Marqueyssac.
• The access is regulated, opened to the public according to a specific schedule.
• The access of the activity is subjected to the availibility of the activity and according to influx.
• The garden’s management reserves the right to interrupt the activity in case of bad weather conditions.
• The Via Ferrata is subject to limitations of use and has safety rules:
- By using the course all the users accept the present rules in their entirety;
- The garden’s management reserves the right to exclude everyone who doesn’t respect the safety procedures.
• The acrobatic course can be used for educational, sporting, fun activities, or for therapeutic purposes. When used within the parameters of the rules and regulations.
• For groups, we advise you to plan a minimum of 1 adult  per 8 children to ensure the safety of the activity. We are not authorized to supervise the participants.

For who ?

• Open from 8 years old ;
• Minimum height required: 1,30m ;
• Minors accompanied with 2 adults with the possibility to join a group ;
• Possible departure from 2 adults ;
• Activity not advisable to pregnant women, person with cardiac problems or those with medical contraindications  ;
• This activity is prohibited to people under the influence of substances that can alter or affect behaviour (alcohol, medicine, anti-depressants ..) ;
• The operators reserve the right to refuse access to any person whose the behavior is a safety risk


• All participants must have third party public liability  and personal accident insurance.
• We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage of your personal property (jewels, glasses, watch, camera…) and we advise you to entrust your effects to your family’s care.

The dress

• Suitable dress is necessary for the activity : sportswear advisable ;
• Closed shoes are compulsory (no flip-flops, no open shoes…) and trainers are advisable;
• Ladies, skirt and dress are not advisable for your comfort in the harness ;
• Long hair must be tied back and clothes closed clothes preferable.

Personal protective equipments (EPI)

• The whole equipment necessary for the safety is provided ;
• Only the equipment provided by ourselves is accepted the actvity ;